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EI60 and EI90 Fire Resistant Doors and Glazing

EI60 and EI90 Fire-rresistant Doors and Glazing

Janisol C4 EI60 and EI90

For maximum fire protection, Janisol C4 is a complete profile system for single and double-leaf fire doors and glazing. With just a 70mm profile depth, the system can be configured to achieve security classifications up to EI90 due to the innovative fire-resistant infill panels. Filled with a ceramic fire board in the factory it forms a strong bond to the steel profile and is not adversely affected by fabrication steps such as cutting or creating lock recesses. Due to its chemical properties, the ceramic board does not affect the steel surface finish, even on contact with fluids. To aid in installation and simplify wiring of electric strikes and door drives, Janisol C4 profiles are fitted with a cable channel as standard. Janisol C4 also blends with other Jansen profiles allowing multiple set-ups on the same project.

EI Classification

EI classifications refer to the fire-resistance of panels, doors and windows in terms of the integrity (E) and the insulation (I). For example an EI30 door would give both 30 minutes of integrity and insulation against fire. The highest possible fire resistance for the Janisol C4 range is EI90 ensuring integrity and insulation for a maximum of 90 minutes.

Class EI fire-resistant glazing refers to building components which allow light to pass through and which, according to their fire resistance rating, not only prevent the spread of fire and smoke, but also the penetration of heat radiation. This means that the surface facing away from the fire must not heat up to more than 140K (mean value) or 180K highest individual reading). A cotton pad held next to it should not ignite or even smoulder. EI glazing when exposed to fire become opaque.

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