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compressor enclosure


Acoustic Compressor Enclosures

IAC Acoustics offers a complete range of enclosures to suit any application. From modular construction to a complete drop-over canopy we can deliver the right amount of attenuation to enclosure your compressor and ensure the safety of workers.

Our modular acoustic enclosures are constructed using our Moduline™ acoustic construction panel system. Utilising this series of panels, walls, floors and roofs can be constructed to the highest acoustic standards. The benefits of the Moduline™ system include short installation times due to their pre-fabricated nature and that if required, can be de-mountable for relocation should the need arise. Due to the construction methods used to join Moduline panels together, if an enclosure is to be dismantled and re-build in a different location, there will be no loss in acoustic performance making them ideal for both permanent and temporary installations.

In addition to modular construction, IAC Acoustics is also able to provide a pre-fabricated drop-over canopy to enclose your compressor which can be constructed remotely and delivered as a single entity or delivered to site and constructed in sections.

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