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Gas Turbine Exhaust

Gas Turbine Silencers

Controlling noise pollution from gas turbines is a priority for many organisations. It is essential that the noise from the atmospheric inlet and exhaust opening of gas turbines have the required noise control measures in place that ensures the facility meets with the relevant noise criterion.

IAC Acoustics is the market leader in noise control engineering and is one of the premier manufacturers for gas turbine silencers. We provide competitive solutions for mitigating the noise generated by single cycle and combined cycle gas turbines used for electricity production or co-generation facilities.

IAC has successfully completed many gas turbine silencer installations worldwide. We provide standard or bespoke solutions to suit gas turbines that range in duty from 2Mw to 250Mw.

Gas Turbine Silencer Applications

IAC provides both turnkey and discrete noise solutions for power projects such as:

  • Combustion air intakes / discharges
  • Enclosure ventilation – intake / discharges
  • Oil cooler systems etc.
  • Integration with filtration systems - static / pulse

IAC’s approach to the power sector market centres on providing an acoustic response to your functional requirements that delivers value for money.

Gas turbine silencers from IAC Acoustics offer:

  • Standard or bespoke design to suit various applications/arrangements
  • Circular or rectangular in design
  • Noise reduction capabilities from 10dB(A) to 50dB(A)+
  • Minimal pressure loss – maximum efficiency
  • Manufacture in a variety of material ranging from Mild Steel (MS) to Stainless Steel (SS) to specials

The experience we have gained in over 50 years of supplying standard and bespoke noise control solutions enables us to provide you with a guaranteed solution that will satisfy your operational, mechanical and acoustical requirements.

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