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Gas Turbine Ventilation

Turbine Ventilation

Inlet air filtration systems are essential for any gas turbine installation. Turbine ventilation and filtration systems have evolved due to increased operating temperatures and decreases in machine tolerance in modern turbines. Filtration systems have multiple stages which are selected for the specific environment and application. Through our wealth of experience in installing gas turbine packages around the world, IAC Acoustics is well equipped to provide the best possible solution whether the installation be situated in desert or Arctic conditions.

The selection of the inlet filtration system is an important stage as poor quality inlet air can significantly impact the operation, performance, and life of the gas turbine. Some of the consequences of poor inlet filtration include fouling, erosion, and corrosion. In order to minimise degradation, we place a huge effort in the design of the inlet filtration system for any gas turbine package.

Once a suitable filter system has been selected, we also provide a range of ductwork and filtration silencers to minimise the noise of fast flowing air into the inlet manifold before reaching the compressor. These silencers are typically of a splitter type configuration to minimise pressure drop and increase the airflow into the compressor chamber.

IAC Acoustics can also supply standalone filter packages including pulse filters for removing dust at the inlet of gas turbine packages.

In addition to providing clean air into the compressor chamber, IAC Acoustics also designs and installs suitable ventilation in order to regulate the heat inside the acoustic enclosure and ensure oil and ancillary equipment are kept cool.


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