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Generator Ventilation

Acoustic Ventilation

Diesel Generator Acoustic Ventilation

Diesel generators are usually situated in specialist plant rooms which house the sets and any other ancillary equipment. By housing generators in an enclosed space, this poses a challenge from ensuring the engines are well ventilated in order for them to run efficiently. Another factor which must be taken into consideration for generators installed in enclosures is the impact and potential build up of noise and reverberation.

IAC Acoustics is able to provide a complete solution to all ventilation requirements for enclosed diesel generator sets including acoustic splitters, and acoustic louvres. These products serve the purpose of ensuring the correct level on ventilation is achieved, whilst minimising the effect of noise in areas adjacent to the plant room.

In addition to the acoustic requirements for a diesel generator set installation, IAC Acoustics is also able to provide a suitable level of filtration, ensuring the air entering the combustion chamber is as pure as possible.

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