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Vent Silencer

Vent Silencers & Blow-down Silencers

Controlling noise associated with venting pressurized gases to the atmosphere is a priority for many organisations. It is essential that all installations have the required noise control measures in place that ensures the facility meets with the relevant noise criterion.

Vent silencers / blow-down silencers reduce the noise produced by the venting of pressurised gas to the atmosphere, especially air, steam and other gases such as nitrogen and oxygen.

IAC Acoustics is the market leader in noise control engineering and is one of the premier manufacturers of vent / blow-down silencers. Vent Silencer / blow-down Silencers from IAC cater for all market needs whether highly specific or to suit a general customer requirement. Our team of skilled engineers use advanced selection software to optimise the best solution in terms of acoustic performance and budget.

Vent Silencers / Blow-Down Silencer Applications

IAC has extensive experience of manufacturing and supplying vent / blow-down silencers for many different process applications and market sectors that include:

  • Process plant for gas, fluids, air and steam
  • Combustion boilers
  • Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG)
  • Pipelines and petrochemical industries
  • LNG, gasification plants
  • Thermal and nuclear plants
  • Combined cycle plant (CCP)

Vent Silencer / Blow-down Silencer Features

At IAC, we have a comprehensive range of standard and bespoke silencer types, designed to attenuate the noise of venting process air, steam and other gases to the atmosphere. All our silencers are designed and manufactured in accordance with ASME standards, CODAP, CODETI, RCCM codes and are capable of providing noise reduction up to 75 dB(A).

Our vent / blow-down silencers are designed to proven international standards and cater for:

  • Discharge rates up to 1500 tonnes per hour
  • Fluid temperature from -200°C > +550°C
  • Upstream pressure > 400 bars

More specifically our vent / blow-down silencers can be:

  • Designed to connect to any existing connecting pipe, thickness and material
  • Flanged or prepared for welded connection depending on your installation requirements
  • Fully welded construction to suit the appropriate fluid as well as pressure and temperature conditions
  • Horizontal or vertical positioned
  • Supplied with supports, rain covers, protective grid etc.
  • Silencer performance to suit the particular application

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